Online Lost Property Reporting Service

Connected to US Police Systems

Report My Loss is an online service used by thousands of people each month to securely and conveniently submit details of lost property.

About the Service

  • Report My Loss is an online service allowing the public to report lost property, a step often requested by insurers but no longer done by Police forces.

  • The information you provide in your loss report is viewable by every Police force in order to assist with repatriation as they still encounter found property.

  • Insurers recognize Report My Loss reports as valid and verifiable evidence of having made a report that is visible to Police.


Report Cost

  • Reports cost $6.95

  • No charge is made if the loss occurs within an area where loss reporting is subsidized by the local Police Department. When you report the location of loss the charge, if any will be shown before you complete your report.

— Report My Loss was made available for public use in 2008 to conveniently and securely make loss reports online.

Loss Reporting Benefits

24/7 Loss Reporting

A report can be created online at a time and place convenient to the person.

Searchable by Police

Once submitted it is immediately searchable by the Police NMPR system.

Edit report anytime

Any changes made to the report are immediately viewable.

Loss item recovery

If your lost item is recovered by Police they can identify you and return it.

Accepted by Insurers

For Insurance claims reports can be used in place of Police loss report references.

Sample Report

Submission Date

The date when the report was submitted to Report My Loss.

Loss Report Number

This is your certificate's unique ID. When making an insurance claim, provide this to allow the insurer to validate the report online.

Loss Detail

Provide as much detail about the circumstance of your loss as you're able including; the date of the loss, location of the loss, detail about the loss location and how the item was lost.

Lost Item detail

Provide the detail about your lost item including; type of item, manufacturer, model, description, along with any distinct markings.

Serial Number/Identifier

Where possible provide an identifier, most electronics have one and in the case of a phone an IMEI number. This could also be an engraving or bike tag for instance. You're able to provide up to three identifiers per item, these help to assist identification and recovery.


Where possible provide a photograph of your lost item. The system will accept most image formats such as JEPG and PNG, with a file size ideally no greater than 2mb.

Loss Reports Completed

Number of reports submitted by the public since the online loss reporting platform was made available to the puplic in 2008.