Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to the most common questions we receive about the Report My Loss service.

Report My Loss is a system supported by law enforcement that allows online recording of lost property.

Through its connections to the NMPR (law enforcement search portal), it ensures that the details of lost items are instantly available to police forces nationally. This increases the chances of recovery considerably.

Report My Loss has proven to be a cost-efficient service for the reporting of lost property. In addition to national reporting, Report My Loss also provides documented proof of the loss report that can be used to help make insurance claims.

A loss report can be created online by anyone at any time, anywhere. When a report is created, it is made available on a secure database NMPR (National Mobile Property Register), which can be searched only by law enforcement and lost property offices nationally if property is found. This increases the chances of lost items being identified and returned to the rightful owner, whilst decreasing the chances of associated criminality.

If property is found by - or handed in to - law enforcement or lost property offices, they will inspect it for identifiers such as serial numbers, then search for information about the item via the NMPR (National Mobile Property Register), that provides them with access to Report My Loss reports along with a wealth of information from other sources that are part of the Recipero's Crime Reduction Ecosystem. They can then use the details on the loss report to contact you.

Report My Loss is not, however, part of the law enforcement system and once a report is submitted, we do not handle any physical lost property or update the site with found property.

Any information you provide to Report My Loss is securely recorded and stored by Recipero, (provider of the Report My Loss service and other crime reduction solutions). The information that you provide as part of your report is made available to law enforcement to aid identification and repatriation of property. It is also used in a redacted form to ensure lost items are not traded by retailers, recyclers or other businesses. The details may also be used by insurers to help them speed up their claims processes.

We appreciate that your data is of utmost importance so if you have further queries, please review our privacy policy or contact us so that we can address any specific query you may have.

Report My Loss is accredited to the highest of standards along with other services in the Recipero Crime Reduction Ecosystem.

All data provided to Report My Loss is collected and stored securely, in-line with the requirements of our accreditations and data protection recommendations. We also go further to secure our systems - and data that we become the custodians of - through regular testing of our systems by third parties, so we are confident when we say your data is safe with us.

If you have further queries, please review our privacy policy or contact us so that we can address any specific query you may have.

All Report My Loss reports can be used by insurers who are able to verify reports free of charge if you - as the claimant - provide the Report My Loss report reference. An increasing number specifically request them as part of the claim process so that they can be certain that the loss has been reported correctly and that chances of recovery are as high as possible.