How Report My Loss Works

Report My Loss is an online service used by thousands of people each month to securely and conveniently submit details of lost property.

When you create a new loss report, it is placed on a secure database (the police NMPR system). The lost item can then be searched by police and lost property offices nationally, increasing the chances of recovered items being identified and returned to you.

In the event of needing to make an insurance claim, Report My Loss certificates can normally be used in place of police loss report references (which many forces have phased out).

Report My Loss should only be used for accidental losses. If a theft has taken place, this should instead be reported to the police force for the area in which the crime took place. They will be able to provide you with a crime reference number.

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Benefits of the system

  • Recovered property is more easily identifiable increasing the chances of items being returned
  • Reports are easily corrected and added to; they are detailed and reliable
  • Makes insurance claims more straightforward and can normally be used instead of police loss report references
  • Helps to free up valuable police resources
  • Reports are searchable nationally rather than being isolated to station systems
  • Helps prevent the trade of lost property, through adding item details to CheckMEND, the national second-hand trade database

Reporting Charges

Why are some areas free of charge?

Lost property reporting is not a statutory duty of policing. Despite this, some constabularies in the past have chosen to subsidise reports as an extra benefit to their communities. The landscape is always changing and for this reason, the areas with free reports also change. Once you’ve indicated your location of loss, you’ll be advised whether there is a fee for that area.

If you represent a police force in the UK and would like to explore how efficient online loss reporting can save your force money (assuming you’re still offering it yourself) as well as improve the service for the public, please read more on the police information page.

Reporting Documents

What should I do if I've lost an official document?

If you lose an official document of any kind (for example, a passport, driving licence, national identity card, visa, blue badge), we recommend you do not make a loss report. Instead, it would be best to ask the issuer to cancel these documents and provide new ones. If the issuing authority themselves are advising you to make a loss report, we urge you to question the logic of that request. A loss report made here will not benefit you because these types of documents - if found - are typically returned to the issuing authorities.

History of Report My Loss

The Report My Loss system was developed in 2008 by Recipero who are the providers of the Recipero Crime Reduction Ecosystem. Today through its connections to the police NMPR it ensures that details of lost items are instantly available to police forces nationally, increasing the chances of recovery significantly.

UK police led the way in adoption of the system and after a highly successful pilot, the Report My Loss system became the default system through which the public and police officers record details of lost property, with some UK police departments choosing to fully subsidise the system, making the use of it free in their regions.

Many regions that have adopted Report My Loss have quickly recognised the benefits of the system which - thanks to its links to the police NMPR and other systems like Immobilise – helps to deliver a joined-up, national solution.