Sample Report

The Report My Loss certificate example is provided on completion of the reporting process.

Sample report

Explanation Notes

See the numbered roundels overlayed on the Sample Report these referring to the corresponding notes below.

  1. Submission Date: This date in the format of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) refers to date when the report was submitted to Report My Loss
  2. Loss Report Number: This is your certificates unique ID, when making an insurance claim provide this, the insurer will be able to validate the report online here
  3. Loss Detail: Provide as much detail about the circumstance of your loss as you're able including; the date of the loss, location of the loss, detail about the loss location and how the item was lost.
  4. Lost Item Detail: Provide the detail about your lost item including; type of item, manufacturer, model, description, along with any distinct markings.
  5. Serial Number/Identifier: Where possible provide an identifier, most electronics and portable technology have one and in the case of a phone an IMEI number. This could also be an engraving or bike tag for instance. You're able to provide up to three identifiers per item. It is recommended that you provide as many as possible to increase the chances of identification of your lost item(s) whilst restricting associated criminality.
  6. Photograph: Where possible provide a photograph of your lost item, the system will accept most image formats such as JEPGS and PNG, with a file size ideally no greater than 2mb.