Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to the most common questions we receive about the Report My Loss service. For more information please review the about section and the support options that include a more details knowledgebase area.

Report My Loss is an online only system supported by the police that allows online recording of lost property.

Through its connections to the police NMPR, it ensures that the details of lost items are instantly available to police forces nationally. This increases the chances of recovery exponentially.

Report My Loss has proven to be a highly cost efficient service for the reporting of lost property. In addition to national reporting, Report My Loss also provides documented proof of the loss report that can be used to help make insurance claims.

A loss report can be created online by anyone at any time or place. When a report is created it is made available on a secure database (NMPR) which can be searched only by police and lost property offices nationally if property is found. This increases the chances of lost items being identified and returned to the rightful owner whilst decreasing the chances of associated criminality.

Report My Loss is a commercial service that works in direct partnership with other crime reduction services and the police. In some areas where reporting is not subsidised by the police a small fee is charged in order to provide the service. If property is lost in areas subsidised by the police then the saving is passed on and the lost report is free. Click here to see a full list of areas where the report is free.

Police forces have no government remit to deal with lost property and many do not have the resource or funding to process loss reports, which is why Report My Loss has become so valuable to them allowing greater focus on key policing matters that include crime prevention and investigation.

Once a report is submitted you will receive an email confirmation. The details are then immediately available to police on their NMPR ( If property is recovered by, or handed to the police they are able to search the NMPR for loss reports and identify the owner. Contact will be made by the police force directly, only when property has been recovered.

If property is found by or handed into the police, they should check it for identifiers and then search for it on the NMPR and will use the details on a loss report to make contact with the owner. Report My Loss is not however part of the police force and once a report is submitted we do not handle any physical lost property or update the site with found property.

Many insurers have issues with fraudulent claims and a loss report can verify a legitimate claim and give them assurance that the claim is valid and can be processed. Once a report reference number is given to an insurer they can then verify the reports free of charge.

No. Report My Loss is an online service that deals only with reporting. The service does not handle any physical lost items and does not provide or dispatch any insurance replacements as the service is independent from insurance companies.

If you lose an official document of any kind (for example, a passport, driving licence, national identity card, visa, blue badge), we recommend you do NOT make a loss report. Instead, it would be best to ask the issuer to cancel these documents and provide new ones. If the issuing authority themselves are advising you to make a loss report, we urge you to question the logic of that request. A loss report made here will NOT benefit you because these types of documents, if found, are typically returned to the issuing authorities.

Any information you provide to Report My Loss is securely recorded and stored by Recipero, provider of the Report My Loss service and other crime reduction solutions to the police. The information that you provide as part of your report is made available to police to aid identification and repatriation of property. It is also used in a redacted form to ensure lost items are not traded by retailers, recyclers or other business, the details may also be used by insurers to help them expedite their claims processes.

All data that is provided to Report My Loss is collected and stored securely, in line with the requirements of our accreditations and data protection recommendations.

If you have further queries please review our privacy policy or contact us so that we can address any specific query you may have.