Found an Item

Guidance on what to do if your find an item of property

Found something that does not belong to you?

If you find an item of property we recommend that you take it to your nearest police station or lost property office. They should be able to securely search to find the rightful owner and reunite them with their property or investigate further if the item is stolen/linked to a crime. Please do not send found property to Report My Loss.

Found something that you have reported as lost?

If you find an item you have reported as lost that is of course great, but there are a few simple actions you need to take to ensure records are clear in order to prevent future issues.

  • Login to your Report My Loss account and mark the item as found. This will ensure that the item is no longer flagged on our systems which is important if you eventually choose to sell or recycle the item.
  • If you have made an insurance claim for the item, you need to let your insurer know that you have recovered the item. Depending at what point you are in the claim process the insurer may request you return the item, replacement item or any compensation they have paid out.

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