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Expedite claims processing with loss report verification

About the Service


The Report My Loss service offers the insurance industry a valuable tool to help address the increasing cost of handling claims relating to lost property.

Report My Loss allows the insurance industry to accept - and validate - lost property report reference numbers. Helping insurers make informed decisions on claims, whilst at the same time providing confidence that the details of the lost property are visible to police systems nationally via the NMPR (National Mobile Property Register).

How to verify a loss report

  1. If the claimant hasn't provided it already, please request their Loss Report Number.
  2. Go to the Certificate Validation page
  3. Enter the claimant’s Loss Report Number, your email address and reference information (e.g. the claimant’s name, their insurance claim number).
  4. We will authenticate the Loss Report Number and forward you a copy of the report to the email address provided.
Validate existing report

Recipero's Crime Reduction Ecosystem

The Report My Loss service is an integral part of the Recipero Crime Reduction Ecosystem, working to reunite personal property with rightful owners and reduce crime, whilst creating improved efficiencies and intelligence for police forces and the insurance industry.

This is the result of over 15 years of development, data gathering and the building of important relationships with Recipero’s partners, police, clients and of course, the public.

What Does the Ecosystem Encompass?

Below are the services most relevant to Report My Loss; you can learn more about the full suite of systems on the Recipero website.

  • CheckMEND: Used by individuals, traders, retailers and recyclers to check the background history and current status of a device or other personal possession prior to its sale or purchase.
  • Immobilise: The UK's National Property Register, Immobilise is a police-endorsed register of personal possessions, where members of the public are able to securely record their belongings.
  • NMPR: A dedicated police portal that is searched thousands of times each day by officers investigating crimes that involve mobile phones and other property that has been reported stolen, seized or otherwise recovered.
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Advanced mobile device claims validation

ClaimsCheck, part of the Recipero Crime Reduction Ecosystem, works to identify insurance fraud at point of claim. It achieves this through real-time intelligence sharing with service providers, police, traders and other insurers. Working with ClaimsCheck also helps to protect insurers after settling claims from the devices they now own from being sold without permission.

Fraudulent insurance claims over mobile devices is big business and lucrative for criminals. Please read more about tackling fraud with ClaimsCheck on the Recipero site:

Contacting Us

If you are interested in learning more about how your insurance company can start benefiting from Report My Loss please contact us by emailing

If you require general support or help with a report or the reporting process please view our support information page.