Online Lost Property Reporting Service accredited by UK Police


  • Report My Loss saves you valuable time removing the inconvenience of phoning or visiting your local Police station.
  • The information you provide in your loss report is viewable by Police forces nationally.
  • Insurers globally recognise Report My Loss reports as valid and verifiable proof of loss.


  • Report My Loss is an online service allowing the UK public to report lost property.
  • Your report information is placed on the national UK Police system called the NMPR.
  • Reports cost only £4.95
    No charge for losses in some force areas including Devon & Cornwall, Dorset or Greater Manchester Police. Learn more »


  • Complete the online form and receive a lost property reference for use with insurers.
  • Get a printable PDF certificate with details of your report for your records.
  • Easily update loss reports at anytime.
  • If the item is recovered the appropriate authorities will contact you.

Found Lost Item

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Validate Existing Report

Online validation of loss reports is easy, to start the process please click below.

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View a Sample Report

To view an example and learn about lost property reports click the following link.

Sample Report