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Reporting items as lost

Reporting a loss is quick, easy and efficient taking just a few minutes!

You will be asked for various details of the loss, but don't worry if you do not have it all to hand now, it can be easily saved to return to update later. Please don't be daunted by the 8 steps, they are quick to complete and several can be skipped if they are not relevant to your loss.

If at any point you have a query please email the support team: support@reportmyloss.com

Step 1

PROPERTY LOST OUTSIDE OF THE UK: ReportMyLoss is NOT currently used by police outside the UK. If you are a UK resident and require a loss report for an insurance claim with a UK insurance company then you can select your home location from below and include your actual loss location in the circumstances description.

If your loss happened on a train in the UK please select "UK RAIL NETWORK" from the County/Authority choices below.






* denotes a required field.

Terms summary

  • By submitting a report you are agreeing that information you provide may be made available to the Police and Insurers and/or their nominated agents.
  • To prevent trade of your lost property its details and lost status (not personal information) will be made available to CheckMEND the national second-hand trade database of lost property.
  • We do not warrant that all insurers require or accept Report My Loss references for claims, if you are unsure we recommend you seek clarification from your insurance company.
  • Once a report has been submitted the record cannot be removed, however it can be updated at anytime to add or remove detail.

For full terms of use please go to: Terms of Use Opens in a new window